Ceiling lamp

With a name like “Kraft Kenya ,” it should not come as a surprise that we take lamp shades very seriously around here. We know that buying the right lamp shade can bring together the overall look of your lighting fixture, or the whole room for that matter. So our huge range of  geometrically designed shades give you the end look you are looking for. We offer to-order, decorator-quality lamp shades as well as all the necessary guidelines to assist your selection, 

Floor lamps

Upcycled and recycle-based floor lamps are a statement on their own. We endeavor to bring uniqueness in every floor lamp design 

Table Lamps

Simplicity that adds amazing touch to your space is what our table lamps bring. Ranging from small bedside lamps to 60cm tall study lamps, we have every need you may have  covered.

Wall Lamps

Our range of wall lamps double-up as art pieces creating for you stunning visually appealing lighting fixtures that will definitely start a conversation


We have a range of sculptures starting from abstract to actual concepts of animals or objects. Whatever your need. we will bring it to fruition using geometric concepts . 

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