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Welcome to Kraft Kenya. We geometrically design and handcraft home improvement products like lampshades and sculptures using locally available materials.

Our story is one that began in 2016. Before Kraft Kenya experiential businesses really existed. Our lead designer had the brilliant idea of opening a space where he could design and create items he needed for his home. This happened to be his spare bedroom. It was daunting to self-teach himself the basics of product design and production but it quickly became a treasured art as friends and families started requesting for his products. Fast-forward 2018 Kraft Kenya was registered as a business and started production and sales of geometrically designed ceiling lampshades. Since then the studio has grown to offer more products including but not limited to sculptures, floor lamps and table lamps Our vibe is happy, fun, and genuine and our team is the best there is around! We work so hard to make sure any Craft Studio experience brings a smile to anyone who buys our pieces. We are so proud of where we have come from and look forward to a long future of crafting memorable experiences for people around the world
Lead designer at Kraft Kenya
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The Best geometry studio Store in Town

Our products are geometrically designed taking note of beautiful shapes like polygons, hexagns and diamond to mention but a few

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